Frédéric Back April 1924 - December 2013
Animator, environmentalist and humanitarian, Frédéric Back expressed his passion for the Earth through his animation, drawing each frame by hand – each of which is a masterpiece, ineffably beautiful and moving. He was driven in his work by what he saw as the increasing human disregard and disconnection from the natural world – and the resulting havoc and discord caused by pollution and destruction. Joëlle Hervic of Human Dimensions TV, was moved to tears by his work and she wrote to him to convey this and seek his participation in the documentry “One Story, Many Voices - The Journey Home.” Although his health was in steady decline, Monsieur Back sent Ms. Hervic two beautiful letters containing words of encouragement and support and his generous authorization to use his animation in our work.

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Frédéric Back's spirit and memory live on in "Bees, Trees, & Seas."
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Watch "Tout Rien" - Everything Nothing
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