“Bees Trees & Seas”™ (BTS) is an innovative and fun educational series that promotes emotional intelligence and environmental awareness. Targeted at children aged between 5-11 years (first through fifth grades), BTS introduces them to our relationship with nature and the natural world, helps them understand the impact that human activity is having on Earth’s living systems and all species, and offers them some ways in which we can all make a difference. Earth Doctor Reese Halter, distinguished biologist, award-winning broadcaster and prolific writer, hosts the program that features charismatic and informative “animated ambassadors” of land, sea and air.

BTS is a live action/animated series hosted by Earth Doctor Reese Halter and featuring three “Animated Ambassadors” of the land, sea and air. The "AAs" make an emotional plea to Dr. Reese to help them deal with an environmental issue that impacts themselves, their home, other species and the planet. Dr. Reese travels throughout the country (eventually the world) and meets those most affected by these issues (fauna, flora and humankind). Together, we will learn about the challenges they face, and find out how they live in balance with nature through sustainability and stewardship. Dr. Reese will interview experts and real people to explore the issues; in particular, he will talk to children to get their perspective. From the eroding coast of an Inupiaq village in Alaska, to a Nebraska cattle ranch that sits in the shadow of a fracking site - BTS will focus on the children’s point of view. Together, the animated characters and Reese form an Environmental Justice League to protect nature.

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