Reese Halter, PhD – Earth Doctor/Broadcaster/Author. Dr Reese Halter is an eco-stress physiologist specializing in Earth's life support systems. He is a distinguished conservation biologist, an award-winning broadcaster and prolific writer of six books on Nature. Dr. Halter has the unique talent of making current complex environmental issues accessible and compelling to any audience. He believes that human beings are exquisite problem solvers: that for every issue there are at least three solutions. His passion to protect our planet is contagious. Dr. Halter holds a PhD in Physiology from the University of Melbourne. Reese Halter's passion for the environment is lifelong. He is a self-professed, relentless warrior for Mother Nature, and a natural voice for bees, trees, seas.
Joëlle H. Hervic, Esq. – Environmental Attorney/Author/Producer. Joëlle Hervic, Co-Founder of Human Dimensions, is Ms. Hervic is a licensed environmental attorney (AU/USA) with a Juris Doctor from the University of Miami School of Law, and a Master of Laws specializing in environmental and water law. Ms. Hervic also holds an LLB/BA from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Ms. Hervic has a breadth of knowledge and understanding of environmental issues including earth rights/wild law and water law, and their intersection with human rights. She is passionate about the environment and has dedicated much of her professional life to advocating for the rights of people and the planet on several continents including the United States, Australia, Ecuador and Afghanistan.
J. Juelis, PhD – Educator/Children’s Advocate. Dr. J is the founder of Do Think Learn a small organization that provides private instruction for students and consulting, a variety of issues for schools and organizations. His expertise transcends the classroom where he has has provided experiential learning and outdoor experience for preschoolers through 12th graders. His goal as an educator is to help students explore new ideas and perspectives so that they can better understand the world around them and how much they are capable of as individuals. Dr. J holds a doctorate in Multicultural Education from the University of Washington, Seattle.
Mark O’Brien – Writer/Producer/Director. Mr. O’Brien is the Co-Founder of Human Dimensions TV and an award-winning specialist in telling the human story and giving a voice to those who must be heard. As a Project Manager, Mr. O’Brien is uniquely qualified to lead and manage multidisciplinary teams of creative and technical professionals in the development of dynamic and effective multimedia that empowers, inspires and transforms diverse audiences. Mr .O’Brien, who one client wrote “has a very special gift that can touch the spirit,” brings years of experience in storytelling and content creation for the non-profit sector, broadcast television, film, and radio.
Laurance Knighton – Artist/Art Director. “Larsky” is an award-winning graphic designer, former writer/illustrator for Disney’s Donald Duck international syndicated daily comic strip, character designer and children’s book illustrator, author of Tales of ‘Tossledowns' and 'Spooky Adventures of Boo Bangles the Ghost' middle reader book series. He was educated at the Art Center College of Design in advertising, illustration and film.