“Children are natural ecologists and they love Nature. By activating their compassionate genes it ensures the survival of our planet.” Dr. Reese Halter

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Children are the world’s future decisions makers and consumers. They are also the most at risk for the impact of Climate Change. If they understand the causes and impacts of Climates Change, we believe they will be better prepared to plan for and respond to it. For these reasons, BTS targets Primary School Children (6-11 years) of all socio-economic levels. Most agree that many children have a natural empathy with nature, but they may lack the opportunity or inclination.
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Many children spend their idle hours engrossed by their smartphones seemingly oblivious to the natural world around them - completely unconnected to that which can bring them true happiness and on which their existence depends - nature. When in the classroom, they rarely learn about the environment.
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There are no required classes in nature connectedness in our schools, nor is nature a well-utilized tool for teaching kids to critically think about the world around them. New research, however, suggests our relationship with nature may be deeply linked to our happiness. Animation will be key in connecting them to nature and inspiring them to learn more – and become involved in activities with their families and schools that make a difference, for example, planting trees and community gardens and going for walks in nature.