What separates “Bees Trees & Seas”™ from other children’s programs is that the narrative is driven by the animated characters and the children whom Dr. Reese meets - and not by adults. Animated characters transcend race, creed and nationality making it easy for children to identify and connect with the character. Children can develop a relationship with an animated creature that can raise awareness and empathy and promote essential lessons of love, friendship and respect. The animated ambassadors have their own unique personality that will connect with the viewers and inspire them to look at the natural world as a home to many diverse forms of life. It is the intent of BTS, to enlighten children and encourage them to understand that the species we share our planet with have their own rich lives and personalities and extend far beyond just being food for humans. (i.e. sea life not seafood).
“Children develop skills and competences in storytelling, visual communication, cognition, emotional ethic and aesthetic aspects, observation and sensitive aspects, concentration, and problem-solving and innovative aspects.” Animation as a learning tool. VIA University College, September 2017.
In addition to helping children becoming more aware of the impact humans have on the environment, “Bees Trees & Seas”™ will be an effective tool in aiding child development. Through the plight of the animated characters and their concern for the well-being of the planet, behavioral issues can be addressed. Among the issues are: • Emotions (physical growth, sexual development, loss, grief) • Problem solving • Limit setting (respect) • Self-empowerment • Role models